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If you are thinking of updating your kitchen with replacement kitchen cabinet doors, you may be worried that you won't be able to find the shade which will perfectly match your décor or your dreams. Alternatively, you may want to simply replace or add one or two new doors and match them with your own existing doors. In both of these scenarios, paintable kitchen doors may be exactly what you are looking for.


Our door styles can be painted - seen here in Chichester Silk White - but the colour is up to you


The paintable doors from Kitchen Door Workshop's Trends range are the perfect antidote to the confusion over which colour to choose. They are designed with a smooth finish in Paintable Vinyl and will take on any colour you choose. Whether you are handy with a paint brush or a roller, these doors are ideal. Not only are they available in a huge range of door styles, but they can be customised to fit your specific needs.

 Wild colours

It is true that most kitchen cabinet doors are painted in relatively safe colours. This simply makes sense in terms of the sale of the product. The market for wild and imaginative colours is small – but it doesn't mean that having interesting colours in your kitchen is impossible.

Paintable doors allow you to choose any colour and paint it on to the surface. You could even choose to paint each door differently to give your kitchen a fun rainbow look. You could buy white cabinet doors for most of your kitchen and a few paintable ones for those areas where you want to make a feature.

 Matching your existing doors

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look it is impossible to find doors which will perfectly match the colour of your existing doors. If all you want to do is replace a few of your kitchen doors or add a few new ones, you need to make sure that you get the right colour so that your additions are not noticeable.

Paintable doors make this a real possibility and will save you a fortune. DIY stores will now colour match paint based on a sample. All you need to do is take one of your old doors into the store and they will provide the right colour paint for your new doors. Kitchen Door Workshop will take care of getting the style just right too.

If the colour is hard to match you could simply repaint your old doors along with the new ones and you have the perfect new looking kitchen.

 What about end panels and accessories?

One of the problems with painted doors is that the end panels and other trims won't always match. One option is to paint the panels to match your new doors. If you choose vinyl trims and end panels you will be able to paint them to match your doors simply and easily.

Another option is to decide to go for a contrasting colour. Wooden trims will always look good, even with bright colours. Doing this will add interest to the kitchen and give it something a little special.

Finally you can always add more bling to your bright kitchen doors by deciding on door handles which say something about your personal taste. From wooden knobs to girly diamanté, handles can be the perfect final touch for your kitchen.

Paintable replacement kitchen doors highlight the fact that your kitchen is only limited by your imagination. You can easily transform your kitchen into the room of your dreams, even if that means bright pink doors or eighties fluorescent shades. There is no accounting for taste and whatever you choose is OK with us!

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