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It’s so difficult to know where to start when you decide to redesign any space within your home, but for some reason, designing the kitchen is the most intimidating. Maybe this is due to the amount of time we seem to spend in this room, as a family, or that it is supposed to be the heart of the home, or even that there seem to be hundred of appliances, gizmo’s and gadgets you have to fit into one modestly sized room. Whatever it is, hopefully these tips will help the room look great and functional well too.

gloss kitchen doors

Rethink Layout

After you have used a room in one format it is really difficult to see an alternative option. However, using software available online, or at your local DIY store you will be able to the see the room as an empty space which you can then start to redesign. If you are having an extension of some kind then consider where your natural light sources will be. Could you build in sky lights to help the space look larger? If you are struggling for space have a read of our post on maximizing it.

Zone your Space

Making sure the different areas of the kitchen are clearly zoned, is important so that you understand how it will work for you and your family when it’s finished. Ensuring there is some seating as well as preparation areas are key as well as, where you’re going to grow your herbs, have a cosy reading corner, not forgetting where your appliances would work well.

Maintain the Magic Triangle

We described the magic triangle and its importance to you a few posts ago and we weren’t lying. If you try to move the three aspects of the triangle around (the oven & hob, sink and fridge/freezer) it is proven that the space won’t work as efficiently and you and your better halves will constantly be bashing into one another. Don’t sacrifice the functionality for style; you’ll come to regret it.

Pick Focal Pieces

Choosing stand out pieces that aren’t going to date within a few months is important. Try neutral units, as you can then amp up the accessories and paint or even wallpaper around it, which is much more straightforward to change. Also, if you ever decide to sell the property the units will appeal to a wider demographic unlike acid yellow with polka dots would.

Invest in Clever Storage

Storage is definitely worth your investment as you are always going to want more whether you are a young couple, single person or older family. All of the technology and short cut machines we buy nowadays need somewhere to do as do all of the fancy ingredients we spend our hard earned cash on. By thinking of your kitchen as an empty box and gradually adding in where new units could go you will see opportunity for new, clever storage ideas. We have a lengthier post containing loads of storage suggestions so go on over and have a read if you’re interested.

Stand out Lighting

Finally, lighting. Having a couple of different options is great for zoning your space, as mentioned earlier, however, don’t clutter the room by having lots of large, low hanging shades. The lighting is supposed to enhance the space so consider that you might want spot lights for preparation and a floor or table standing lamp for relaxing with a glass of wine.

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