We have all had the problem of running out of space in our kitchen cupboards. Sometimes, there just isn't enough room for all of the items we want to store and having just one or two new kitchen carcasses would be an ideal solution.

Most of us would assume that any extension to the number of kitchen units would result in mismatched cupboard doors which would spoil the look of the kitchen. It would be reasonable to guess that you would have to wait until you could afford to do a complete kitchen makeover and refit before you could add in some extra storage space.

Well, think again. With replacement kitchen doors you can change the look of your kitchen and add in as many extra units as you want. You simply need to buy the carcasses for the space you have and get the replacement doors for the entire kitchen in one. So you are left with a brand new and bigger kitchen.

Why get additional carcasses?

  • You may want to redesign your kitchen and move cabinets around. This might leave you with empty or awkward spaces which need filling.
  • You may decide to install extra cabinets to house appliances, to give extra storage or simply because it looks better.
  • You may have moved some larger appliances to another room or into the garage. This will leave gaps which can be filled with extra cabinets.
  • You may have always dreamed of having an island in your kitchen. Additional cabinets can be used for this purpose too.

Getting the right kitchen cabinets

Of course it is important that your new unit matches with the rest. You should take note of the exact sizes and in particular the height. You want the tops of your units to match. The inside colour of your carcass can also be bought to match your existing units. So no one would ever know it wasn't an original part of the kitchen.

You are able to choose from base cabinets, wall units and tall larder type units. You can even get carcasses which are suitable for integrated appliances. These are perfect if you want to disguise all of your white goods for a seamless look.

Installing new kitchen carcasses

Most kitchen carcasses will come flat packed. While this may strike fear into your heart. It is in fact, very easy to put together a flat-packed kitchen cabinet. Each part will usually have pre-drilled holes and instructions to explain exactly how each piece fits onto the next.

Your base carcasses will also come with adjustable feet so that you can ensure they are even with the rest of your kitchen. It is simply a case of placing the carcass on the floor adjusting the feet until it is at the right height and then screwing to the wall to keep it secure.

Wall units will also be screwed to the wall, usually in each corner. You need to make sure your walls are able to handle the load and that wall plugs are used if you are attaching them to plasterboard. Use a level to check they are dead straight.

Finally you can place the shelving into the carcass and attach your replacement doors. Most people with basic DIY skills can put in new kitchen cabinets, but if you have any concerns, a good tradesman should complete the work in less than a day.

Updating and extending your kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. And you can design it yourself with the help of some additional cabinets and some brand new doors.