Yes, we are called Kitchen Door Workshop and there is plenty of information on replacement kitchen doors. But replacement kitchen drawer fronts hardly get a mention and we think they are well worth talking about. After all, what is a kitchen without some drawers?


Our replacement drawers

No, not the type of drawers that might immediately come to mind. These are the ones that you keep your cutlery or kitchen knicknacks in and they exist in almost all kitchens. So, it is obvious, that if you are ordering new kitchen doors, you will also need new kitchen drawer fronts too.

Our replacement drawers are simply smaller versions of our full size doors. We have carefully designed the drawer fronts to follow the same styles and shapes as the larger doors, but keeping the proportions smaller. In some cases the drawer fronts may be plain - especially if the detail on the doors is quite busy and it would be lost on the smaller drawer. In this case, the edging is kept the same.

Our replacement kitchen drawers also come in a variety of widths and heights. This allow you to perfectly match your existing drawer fronts and they are designed to work well with your current drawer mechanisms. That said we do sell drawer runners so you can replace any that have become worn over time.

Why replacement drawers?

These days kitchens seem to use drawers much more often than they used to. The fact is that drawers can often be more practical and easy to use than cupboards. At lower levels, it can be tricky to get good access to your cupboards. It may involve kneeling down to reach far into the back. Many people get around this by installing pull out baskets in their lower cupboards - but drawers would work in the same way.

Deep and wide drawers can be used for holding pots and pans or larger dishes and can even have separators added to help you to keep things where they should be. A smaller drawer could be used for your collection of herb and spice jars. And have you though about where your tea towels, table cloths and oven mitts need to be stored? Drawers are for much more than knives and forks!

Cupboards into drawers?

It is certainly possible to change your existing cupboard into a drawer unit - even after your kitchen has been built. You will need to buy the correct housing, the right sized drawer unit with runners and of course the drawer front. Obviously this adds to the expense, but it could really allow you to create a kitchen that is much more user friendly and where you have proper access to all parts.

You can also split your cupboard with a single or even a double drawer across the top portion of the cupboard housing. This adds even more flexibility.

Dressing your drawers

We also supply the right handles for your replacement kitchen drawers. These can make a huge difference to the way they look. With several drawers lined up in a stack, some handles may overwhelm the look. In general drawer handles are placed horizontally and this allows easier use of the drawer and more often than not they will be central. Take care to think through how this will look with your other cupboard doors. It's important to ensure that your kitchen doesn't suddenly become all about the handles. (as good as they are!)

So, don't forget about your drawer fronts when you are ordering your new kitchen. It is an essential part of the room and can break up a dull and uniform looking space. Adding something more to catch the eye. Along with the new finish, colour and style, you will be so happy you chose replacement kitchen doors.