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If you've ever needed to find the right type of door for your integrated dishwasher or washing machine, you'll know it's not always an easy job. While some appliances fit the standard 600mm-width requirement, others simply don't play by the rules. Fridge-freezers come in all different sizes and with varying ratios of fridge to freezer space, for example.

If you're using a kitchen design company, they may well recommend that you buy specific appliances, which may be more expensive than you're willing to pay. This leaves you with the choice of either having your doors opening at the wrong point (clearly unworkable) or having oversized doors or strange combinations and lift your fridge freezer off the ground. You could also have a space at the top where the cupboard is too large. This is wasted space and only accessible when the fridge door is open.

What you want - and should be able to get - are doors which can be made to measure to fit the appliances you have already purchased. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect solution to this problem. You simply take the measurements of your integrated appliances and order what you need in the style, colour and material you wish.

Even better, once you have received your custom integrated appliance cupboard door, you can easily fit it yourself. Not only have you been able to get the design you wanted, you can also save money on fitting. The following points will make it clear just how easy fitting this type of door really is, and the video below takes you through the process step-by-step:

  • Fitting an integrated door is very similar to fitting cupboard doors - you just screw or clip them into place, rather than hanging them on hinges
  • Generally the screws or clips used to hang your door will be supplied with your appliance. If you're replacing the door, remember to keep these aside
  • Removing your old door is easy: just undo the screws that pass through to the inside of the cupboard door from the back of the appliance door. The door will simply lift off.
  • Now offer up the new door (with the handle already in place) and screw it on to your appliance. You can ask your supplier to pre-drill the screw holes to make it easier

So if you're tearing your hair out and making compromises you don't really want to make, think about replacement kitchen doors as an option. You may find that the perfect solution is just the click of a mouse away. New kitchen doors should never be something you agree to settle on.

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