After many years in the housing darkness there are tentative signs that the housing market may finally be improving. The chances are that your home value has improved. You may be thinking of moving on to a new home and taking advantage of the extra money you could make. However, you may also realise that your kitchen needs a makeover, to achieve the maximum selling price. Replacement kitchen doors are the ideal option for a cheap and great looking makeover you can complete in no time.

A new look kitchen is a must when selling your home
Sell your home with a new looking kitchen shown here in the Mayfield

Moving house is an expensive business. You have fees to pay to your solicitor and your real estate agent, plus you have stamp duty and the cost of your new mortgage. So, clearly you want to make the most of your selling price to maximise your profit. Having a new looking kitchen is one of the ways to both improve your house price and get people to place an offer on your home.

For just a few hundred pounds your kitchen can be transformed into something any new homeowner would be proud to say is theirs. The actual purchasing and fitting of the replacement cabinet doors is really easy. But it is possible to go too far when it comes to your makeover, causing your new kitchen to be less welcoming for your potential buyers. Try following these rules to appeal to the right buyers:

  • Choose a door style which appeals to your particular market. If yours is a family home, you want a traditional style which is practical and easy to look after. For flats or apartments, you may choose a more modern and contemporary look for selling your home to younger buyers. Something which fits between these two may also be a wise compromise.
  • Don't go too overboard on colours. White is a classic colour which will always be appreciated as will creams and vanilla shades. Darker options like woodgrains would be fine in a sunny room, while dark colours like reds and black might be best left to just one or two doors only.
  • Choose handles which make your kitchen look expensive. By choosing a replacement kitchen door you have already saved hundreds on the cost of an entire replacement kitchen. However, if you add cheap and nasty handles you could ruin the look. Try to choose handles which do the doors justice and which look great in your stylish new kitchen.
  • Consider adding new worktops, plinths and end panels to really bring the kitchen to life. This full makeover approach will mean that there will be no hint that you have simply replaced the doors (at least at first glance). Try relining the insides of your cupboards. New shelving will also give your buyers a welcome treat when they move in.
  • Consider making your kitchen seem larger by adding in new cupboards or extending your worktop. Not only will your buyers feel like the kitchen is ideal for all their needs, they will have a feeling of space, if the worktop is larger.
  • Show your new kitchen in its best light. Keep surfaces clear, keep it clean and invest in some new accessories which you can take with you. These might include new kettles, toasters, crockery, vases of flowers, plants and even wall hangings.

You don't need to spend much money or a lot of time to get your kitchen looking in showroom shape. But do take care that you don't fall in love with it so much that you decide selling up isn't an option after all!