There are many things we do without necessarily thinking too hard about it. We might buy a new type of biscuit to go with our tea without trying it first. Or we might buy a pair of shoes online knowing that if they aren't perfect, there is no harm done. However, how many of us would buy an entire kitchen without seeing it in the flesh with samples first? Lots of us actually, and this applies to replacement kitchen doors as well.

Get free samples of the vinyl before placing your kitchen door order
Sometimes it takes seeing the perfect kitchen door in the flesh to know it is right for you - just like this Japanese Pear door from our Legato range

One of the issues people have with buying items online is they can't see and touch the item beforebuying it. It puts many people off and so they choose not to buy anything at all. Perhaps they will choose to go to their local kitchen studio or DIY store and buy what they can see. However, they may not realise that they will often be paying more than they need to. And they may also not get the service which an online and smaller operation can provide.

Then there are the people who will buy whatever they see online without thinking it through. These are the people who will then complain the item was not as they expected, and it doesn't look like the picture. On the otherhand, online stores do all they can to make sure their website pictures are representative of what the item actually looks like, even though it's hard to show colours and materials in a 2-dimensional picture.

This is why you should always take advantage of free and paid for samples before spending money on a product like replacement kitchen cabinet doors. After all, replacing kitchen doors and revamping your kitchen is not something you should undertake without careful thought.

Thankfully here at Kitchen Door Workshop we offer sample swatches of the colours and designs of all our doors, thereby allowing you to make a more informed choice in the comfort of your own home. Of course what you do with your samples when you get them is pretty important too.

  • Always check the colours in different types of light. This includes early morning light, afternoon light and the artificial light of your kitchen bulbs or lamps.
  • Compare the quality of the door sample with those you already own or those you will see in DIY stores. Note how the door is constructed and how the top coating or veneer is applied. Or how sturdy the door sample seems to be.
  • Bear in mind that the door you like may come in a huge range of similar designs and finishes. There is only one way to choose these in an effective way. See them in the flesh.
  • Don't be afraid to try scratching the sample. Try getting it dirty. Or even spraying it with cleaning products and more to simulate proper prolonged everyday use.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, getting plenty of door samples is worth the investment. At just £9.99 each, you will have the pleasure of choosing a door which fits your needs by seeing it in the environment it will live in for the next 10 to 20 years. Surely this puts the whole sample issue into perspective.

If you are considering replacement kitchen doors, and the online company selling them to you isn't willing to send you a sample, you should move on and click elsewhere. Never make such a huge choice based on just the skills of the website designer and photographer. See it with your own eyes and make the right choices.

If all else fails, you can always travel to our workshop to see our doors for yourself. We are always happy to see our customers and you will receive the VIP treatment. Just give us a call first.