A new kitchen is all about making decisions. How much you have to spend. What colour, what style. Where the cabinets will go. The handles, the worktops, the tiles and finally the accessories. When you are choosing to use replacement kitchen doors, the decisions are just as important and the final result will be exactly what you hoped for. This is why we offer all of our door styles and colours as samples. So you can make those important decisions in your own home in your own time.

Slab Door in High Gloss White
The Slab door in High Gloss White

Colours & styles

Colours and styles are hard to represent on a website. Despite the fact you can see your door style in a kitchen setting and the colours are shown is the best possible way – the colours will never be true to how they are in real life. If you want to be really sure, you should always request a sample. We think getting samples is the best way to make the kitchen door choice.  

  • Websites can never fully represent your colour and style choice as they will be seen in your kitchen. There are restrictions in terms of colour, space and size. A website on your computer screen will have certain limitations.
  • You may not be able to come to our factory to see the doors in real life. It might be too far to come or you may not have the time.
  • You really need to see the colour and style in your own kitchen to understand how it will work in your environment. This includes at different times of the day. In different lights (including artificial light). How it works with your current décor and what the effect will be on the rest of your rooms.
  • Ordering a kitchen door sample will allow you to see for yourself the high quality finish and the composition of the doors. You can then compare them to others you may be considering buying and your current doors. You'll be able to judge for yourself how well made the doors are and how easy they will be to care for.
  • If you are doing more than just replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and you are looking at new worktops and tiles too. You should bring samples of all of these elements together in your kitchen to see how well they match.

When is it OK not to get a sample?

There are certain colours which will always look the same regardless of where they will be in your home or the style door they are applied to. White is one of these. If you are thinking of getting a pure white kitchen, you can probably be confident in purchasing your doors without samples. As long as you are convinced of the style door you want. White will almost always go with any worktop, flooring or tile option. Colours like cream, ivory or magnolia are probably in this same category.

What to do with your samples

When you receive your samples it is important to use them effectively. This means laying them out in your kitchen. Mixing and matching the colours until you get a style and colour combination which works well for you. Check it also works well with your current wall colour and worktops. Now leave them in place for at least a whole day, checking the colour change as the light in the room alters. Finally, you will have a colour and style which work well in all lights. And you can set about ordering the full consignment of doors.

Samples may seem like a waste of time when all you want is your perfect kitchen asap. However, you should be aware that our kitchens are designed to last many years. So making a good choice now will save you from wasting time and money on something which may not reach all of your expectations.