There will always be a place in our hearts for plain white, cream, wood or even black kitchens. However this season there are so many more kitchen colours to choose from. Many of them are surprising variations of colours from the past. Combinations which are unique and colours which might seem more suited to other parts of the house. Even when it comes to replacement kitchen doors, you can still find colours which are bang up to date and at a price which will really suits your budget.

Petworth Beige Bedroom Doors
Muted, natural shades remain popular

Colour combos

One of the main themes for kitchens has been bringing together two or more colours in the one room. This can mean that you use a colour which might be overpowering on its own – such as Cambio Matt Black and combine it with a more muted tone such as cream, grey or white. Not only are you creating a unique and varied look – different to any other kitchen and designed by you alone – but you also get to brighten up your kitchen and use your favourite colours.

You could also achieve the same feel by mixing and matching black and white, red and cream or even creating your own colours with our Paintable Vinyl doors. Colour combining allows you to create zones in your kitchen and give it a less structured look.

Muted tones

While 2012 was all about bright colours and expressing your creativity, 2013 is more about natural colours which have a calming effect in the kitchen. Those colours which you might choose to use in the bedroom are now making their way into the kitchen. This could includes light blues such as the Legato Metallic Blue, pinks, sage greens and light woods like Trends Ontario Maple.

Other more natural shades include those influenced by nature like slate greys, sandy hues and clay inspired Mediterranean shades. It is these shades which will give your kitchen the feeling of peace and tranquillity which we all need in our home. This is especially the case now that the kitchen has become the hub of the home and somewhere to spend much of our day.


Moving on from cool and calm colours, we also have those colours which reflect the trend towards eco-living. You have already made the choice to recycle much of your kitchen by choosing replacement cabinet doors and your choice of colour might also reflect this attitude. You can add greens, blues, sunshine yellows and food or earth inspired tones.

Wood is the ideal material for this look. You can still choose a high gloss finish such as the Japanese Pear from Legato, while getting a look which takes you back to nature. Adding any wood finish like oak or beech will result in a kitchen which looks handmade and therefore fits in with the Eco trend.

Your choice of worktop will also reflect this with composites, stone and wood all showing off your green credentials. Add recycling points, a compost bin and plenty of plants and you have the ideal modern kitchen.

Whatever your choice of colour, you can find the right tone to match your needs here at Kitchen Door Workshop. Our doors keep up with contemporary trends and still fit your budget perfectly. Replacement kitchen doors are no longer a compromise, they should be your first and only choice.