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If you are looking for a new and modern kitchen but don't want to pay a fortune, replacement kitchen doors are the way to go. Replacing your kitchen doors is the ideal way to try out new trends, allow you to go for a colour which is outside of your comfort zone or maybe even try a new style or material which will update your entire kitchen look. You will avoid paying huge amounts, the installation costs are minimal and the choices are amazing. Even the most traditional person can find a modern option from our incredible selection.



Visions Ultragloss Tiepolo

High gloss doors are a very contemporary look in the kitchen and Tiepolo is the ultimate in woodgrain with a difference. These doors are super shiny and reflective with a woodgrain pattern which is strong and obvious. Tiepolo will mix and match with other less interesting colours such as cream, allowing you to highlight certain parts of the kitchen such as the island. While the Visions doors may be flat fronted and plain, the addition of an ultragloss finish adds to the style and brings it right up to modern standards.

Trends Ringmer

The best thing about the ringmer doors is the fact that they are handleless. The minimal feel is one which is very popular at the moment and these doors do not disappoint. Minimal rooms are designed to highlight great craftsmanship and interesting items. The furniture remains plain so that individual pieces can really stand out. Nothing of poor quality should be in a minimalist home. Ringmer doors can be used in any colour and will add stylish sophistication without even trying. Add some beautiful pieces and accessories and your kitchen will be a masterpiece.

Trends Kingston in Avola Grey

Grey is the colour of 2013 and Avola Grey is a great mix of woodgrain and texture with a light grey tone. When mixed with a plain but stylish Shaker door, the effect is modern and sophisticated. Grey can be teamed with bold colours such as reds and purples allowing you to create a kitchen where the colours are as important as the style. For a more toned down look try white walls and a black worktop. While the Kingston door may seem a little traditional, mixing it with avola grey adds a contemporary feel and updates the look in a flash.

Bella Riven Lime

If you are looking for a bright kitchen door option and don't want to have boring old white, you will find that Riven Lime will bring a smile to your face. This attractive lime colour is for people who are modern and fresh and will set your kitchen apart. Ideal for a sunny room and perfect when mixed with white tiles and worktops, this colour is individual and unique. The finish is also textured which adds a further dimension and gives it an almost painted wood feel. This doesn't detract from the beauty of this colour and only adds to the charm.

Zurfiz Gloss Saffron

If yellow is your favourite colour, the gloss saffron kitchen door from Zurfiz is ideal. With a sunny feel and a super modern look, these doors are exciting and charming. Gloss replacement kitchen doors are modern and designed to catch the light – making a small room seem larger and a dark room, brighter. Add a bright colour like saffron and the effect is magnified. This colour is inspired by the 1950's and old fashioned handles will give the doors a contemporary feel, despite the old-fashioned styling.

Modern kitchens come and go – the styles seems to swap and change with each passing season. However here at Kitchen Door Workshop we choose colours and styles which will stand the test of time. Your can have a contemporary look without needing to change your doors every year – our doors are designed to last.

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