Most of us will not think twice about the environment when we decide to replace our kitchen. The origins of the wood used. The sustainability. Or the amount of landfill space we will be using. These thoughts simply don't enter our heads. Thankfully the one choice you make (which may be based on a number of factors) to use replacement kitchen doors on your new kitchen is one which will help the environment without you even knowing it is the case.

Our kitchen doors are designed to be sustainable and responsible sourced. We take this very seriously and do the hard work so that you don't have to. All you need to be aware of is that by choosing us you are doing the right thing.

Replacement doors and drawers are friendly to the environment compared to replacing the whole kitchen.
Ivory door & drawer fronts in Shaker Ivory

Replacement kitchen doors save on landfill

One of the main reasons replacing your kitchen doors is such a great idea is because there will be much less wastage. Your kitchen can be transformed without needing to be completely replaced. You will save money on skips and the kitchen – but the planet will thank you too.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

We are proud to say that our replacement cabinet doors are made from wood which is carefully chosen and is sustainable. This means that the trees are replanted. The wood is certified as such by either the FSC or the PEFC.

The FSC promote the responsible management of forests across the globe. They believe in the preservation of forests while also promoting the welfare of those people working in the forestry industry and those living in areas where deforestation is taking place. They also work towards building markets across the world to help local people earn money and gain access to benefits. In other words if you buy wood which is stamped with the FSC symbol, you are getting wood which is carefully chosen, replaced and where the workers are well treated.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Two thirds of the managed forests in the world are certified by PEFC and they offer the widest supply of certified wood across the globe. Accepted by the UK government as a mark of sustainability, PEFC see themselves as stewards for forests, ensuring biodiversity, productivity, regeneration and vitality. They are especially concerned with ensuring that the production of wood does not cause damage to other eco-systems.

The PEFC are also careful to maintain quality of the wood, improvement of technologies, consistency in terms of the product and transparency in all stages of their certification process.

What we believe in

Clearly both of these organisations take their job very seriously and ensure that the wood provided to the UK is safe to use. We also take our commitment to the environment seriously and will only use wood and raw materials which come from sustainable sources.

We want you to get the best possible quality product at the best possible price, but we do not want that to do that at the expense of global forests. We will not buy cheap or substandard wood or products made from substandard wood. We need to feel safe that our product meets all government requirements and that those people producing it for us are fairly treated, paid well and that their homes are preserved.

So you can be rest assured that replacing your kitchen doors are not only good for your kitchen, long lasting, great quality and look great – they are also good for the earth. Doesn't that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling?