How would you define the type of person you are? Maybe you are young, fresh and cool or perhaps you could call yourself mature and refined. Either way, there is a good chance that your overall style will affect which replacement kitchen doors you would choose. Thankfully the styles available to you are close to endless. Every little preference can be taken care of – even if you find that you come somewhere in between super modern and timeless old-style class.

Timeless Shaker doors remain popular
Shaker door from the Cambio range in Vanilla. Modern, yet traditional

It is possible to find out your kitchen style by asking yourself a few basic questions. But be honest about your needs and design desires!

What sort of house do you live in?

This has little to do with your own personal preferences - although you did choose your home! However, it can easily influence the type of kitchen you should choose. If you live in a traditional Victorian or Georgian home, you may find that a super modern kitchen will simply look out of place. You could easily get away with something like a timeless Shaker style replacement cabinet door as this will fit the modern brief while still having a traditional feel. Of course if you have chosen a modern or recently built home, you can let your imagination run wild and go as sleek and as contemporary as you wish.

How is the rest of your home decorated?

If your general style is reflected throughout the rest of your home, you should allow this to be the case in your kitchen too. If not, let the kitchen be the place you start. You may feel that a kitchen should simply be a functional area with good quality replacement doors. However there is plenty of scope for putting your mark on your kitchen. And think about having a design style which flows easily from one room to the next.

How do you use your kitchen?

The way in which you use your kitchen on a day to day basis will be reflected in the types of doors your choose. A modern highly reflective ultra gloss door from our Legato range might be perfect for a kitchen which is used a little less often and where you do plenty of entertaining. It is a kitchen which needs to be shown off. However if yours is a family kitchen which serves as an entertaining space for children, dogs, cats and various neighbours, a more traditional or timeless wood or painted replacement door from our Cambio range might be ideal for you.

Can't agree on the right style?

Sometimes one person in the household is super modern and the other has traditional values. If this is the case in your home, a compromise is still very possible. Not everyone has the same thoughts on what a kitchen should look like and how a kitchen makeover should go ahead. With replacement kitchen cabinet doors, the choices are huge and each range has a number of doors which fit the “inbetween” brief.

As already mentioned, Shaker style doors are an excellent halfway house between modern and timeless. They have the sturdy qualities of a traditional handmade door. They are also simple and plain with enough detail to catch the eye without being overwhelming. Additionally, they also come in a huge range of colours which can turn them from plain and simple to exciting and interesting.

Whatever your personal style happens to be, you can easily find the right replacement kitchen doors to fit in with your décor aspirations. You may even be tempted to try something a little different and step away from your usual choices.