We all know that buying replacement kitchen doors is the cheapest, easiest, fastest and most effective way of making a transformation in your kitchen. Buying online is easy and you will get your doors before you know it, but you may still be wary of shopping online and worry that you are getting less than you expect. After all, you don't have the option of seeing the product up close before you buy.

So how do you reassure yourself that the kitchen doors you have chosen online will be of the quality you expect and that the service you get will be up to scratch? We have a few questions which you can use to make yourself feel better about your purchase of replacement kitchen doors. In fact some of these might apply to any type of online purchase.

The easiest kitchen transformation with replacement kitchen doors shown in Lewes High Gloss White
Replacement kitchen doors shown in Lewes High Gloss White

What's the easiest way to see the products?

Many kitchen door suppliers will have a factory or warehouse where they keep their products. If you live nearby, you may be able to come and visit. This will allow you to see the quality up close. You should always check the times you can go to ensure you will be met by the right people.

How long can I expect to wait?

You should always check to see how long it will take for your kitchen doors to be delivered. Very short lead-in times may indicate that the doors are already in stock. However longer waiting times may mean they have been sent from overseas. You may also not want to wait as long as the supplier thinks you should. You may be able to pay extra for a slightly quicker delivery.

Do you offer a guarantee?

You should never buy a product like a kitchen door unless there is some kind of guarantee attached. In most cases it will be a manufacturers guarantee and this means that if the product fails within a specified time, you should be able to get a replacement. Kitchen Door Workshop offers guarantees of between 6 and 10 years on our replacement doors, among the best in the industry.

Can I return the doors if I don't like them?

This one is tricky because you may have asked for custom sized doors, which will be difficult for the kitchen door supplier to sell again. In most cases, your doors will have been produced just for you and may not be able to be returned. This will be stated on the website and if not, you should ask. Of course, if the doors are not of good quality or you get the wrong product there should be a returns process or the opportunity to contact the manufacturer. However it is worth noting that distance selling regulations will always apply. This means that you can cancel your order within seven days of delivery in most cases.

Do I need to pay for any extras?

Sometimes when you order online, you may not notice extra items which are added to your bill which you don't expect. In the case of kitchen doors this could be the pre-drilling of hinges, special sizes or quicker delivery. Make sure you are aware of these extras before you go ahead.

How much is delivery?

Your delivery costs could depend on a number of factors – however you should be able to get a good idea of the costs from the website before you place your order. Kitchen doors are heavy and sometimes bulky, so a special courier service may be required. This may mean that the delivery costs are more than you expect. Of course this is still the easiest option compared to going to a retailer and taking them home yourself. We're pleased to offer customers FREE delivery on all orders over £100.

Now that you have the answers to the most important questions you should get measuring and order the doors of your dreams for the easiest kitchen transformation!