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Whether it is a soft white in a matt finish or a high gloss white with a gleaming shine, the colour white is as popular as ever and deservedly so. White is the ideal colour for a kitchen, regardless of the size or location and if you are thinking of updating your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors, you can't go far wrong if you simply choose this stunning colour.

A white kitchen will give your kitchen style effortlessly

White stands out or it can be a perfect backdrop to other colours and accessories. White dresses are a perennial summer favourite, as they embody freshness, simplicity and understated style. If you're not convinced, take a look at these reasons for choosing white for your kitchen.


If your kitchen is in a dark part of the house or you simply like plenty of light, white kitchen cupboards will provide extra radiance to the room. A white cupboard will pick up what light there is available and reflect it around, bouncing it off the walls, ceiling and floor to make your kitchen lighter, brighter and more attractive. It will also be a nicer place to work, even on the darkest day.


A white kitchen will never be a dirty one. White is not overly forgiving on your replacement kitchen doors. In fact, the smallest mark will show up. While this may be a problem for some, for those who love to clean and who feel that a kitchen should be a clean place, white cupboards will allow them to see the dirt and keep it spotless. Kitchens are a place where food is prepared, so it is actually very important to keep it as clean and as hygienic as possible. White kitchen doors will help you to do this.

You can also go the extra mile and get white worktops and tiles to compliment your white kitchen doors and you will have gleaming surfaces everywhere. Your kitchen will not only feel cleaner and look cleaner - it will actually be cleaner.

Perfect backdrop

White cupboards are ideal for those people who can't choose between their favourite colours. It may seem counter-intuitive to choose white when your favourite colours are pink, purple and lilac. In fact, having a white background means you can experiment with colour in other ways. You can add coloured appliances, paint the walls, add window treatments in your favourite colours or patterns and add or take these away as you see fit. You could change the feel of your kitchen every few weeks by simply repainting the walls and dressing the room with coloured accessories.

White allows you to change your mind without the added expense of replacing your kitchen cabinet cupboards.

Any style

The colour white will work perfectly with any of our door styles from the traditional Buxted to the minimal Visions range. You can choose high gloss, satin, matt or even a slight woodgrain and you still have all the qualities of white coming through. White will allow you to see the door style - you won't lose the feel of the kitchen décor simply because of the colour you have chosen.

White will also allow you to choose any style of handle or worktop - or mix and match with what you already have. Regardless of your current style or theme, white will fit in and still look great.

Regardless of why you have chosen white, you will know that you have chosen wisely. Replacement kitchen doors in white are always a good choice. You will get added reflection and light, a stylish, effortless look, a clean and hygienic kitchen and a versatile and easy colour to live with. If you are having trouble deciding on the colour for you - why not try no colour at all?

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