It may seem like a strange notion to say that the colour of your kitchen and door colour will really influence how you feel every time you walk into the room. But as anyone who has felt strangely oppressed or dark when entering a dark or dull home will know, the colours of your new replacement kitchen doors are really important. In fact you should take as much time thinking about your colour scheme as you do thinking about the style and material of your doors.

The psychological impact of certain colours has long been known. It is for good reason that we use pale pinks and blues in children's rooms to keep them calm and happy. A study carried out a number of years ago looked into using pale pink in the cells of prisoners in an effort to prevent outbreaks of violence. It was found to work miracles. So it is clear. Colour has an important role to play in your mood and the colour of your kitchen is just as important.

Woodgrain door colour
A woodgrain finish could add a sense of peace and calm to your home


Blue has often been associated with sadness or been seen as a boy's colour. However, certain shades of blue can add energy to a sunny room. It may be a little cold for a room which sees little light. But a pale blue will give your kitchen cabinet doors a retro 50's feel and one of simplicity. Try our paintable vinyl doors if you are struggling to find the right shade.

Matt Denim blue Slab door colour
Slab doors in Matt Denim


Stretching from the palest cream through to the brightest sunshine yellow, this shade will always add brightness to your kitchen and give it a summery feel. Yellows are known to make people feel happy even on a rainy winter's day. While you may not want to add bright yellow doors to your kitchen, a creamy shade such as that found in our Legato range teamed with yellow painted walls might still achieve the look you want.

Legato Ultragloss Cream door colour
Legato doors in Ultragloss Cream


Red has long been the colour of power. Women who wear red in particular say that it makes them feel powerful and attractive. There is no reason why this feeling cannot come from your kitchen door colour. A full set of Ultragloss Red doors from our Visions range will ensure the kitchen becomes a place you want to be day after day.

Visions Ultragloss Red
Visions doors in Ultragloss Red


Whether it is a shiny Gloss Black or a plain Matt Black, this shade will add drama to your kitchen. And it will create the perfect backdrop to your moods. Black is no longer the preserve of moody teenagers and can more easily reflect your personality than any other colour. As long as the finish is reflective, black is a statement colour which will shine – just like you.

Handleless Matt Black doors
Handleless doors in Matt Black

Woodgrain door colour

Anyone with a natural personality and who likes the outdoors will be drawn to a woodgrain such as oak or beech. The warmth of these shades will make the kitchen a calm place to be. While the natural look will enhance your feeling of freedom and space. Even if your kitchen is small, the addition of a woodgrain finish will bring the outside in.

Washington doors in Beech
Washington doors in Beech

White door colour

Often seen as too clinical and clean for the home, this minimalist colour is ideal for anyone who wants to make their mind feel clear. An all white room will lift the spirits and allow you to see what needs to be done. It clears the mind of clutter and creates a calm and clean space to work in. If you want you can always soften it with some colourful accessories.

Arun doors in High Gloss White
Arun doors in High Gloss White

If you are wondering which door colour to choose for your kitchen cabinet doors, why not ask for a selection of our colour swatches to see how they make you feel?