A new report published by the AA claims that 9% of UK home owners have put off carrying out essential home repairs and maintenance work in a bid to save money as the credit crunch continues to bite. The same survey estimated a £1.2 billion repair bill had accumulated in the nation’s homes, highlighting the importance of keeping on top of updates even if budgets are small. Kitchen Door Workshop, the replacement kitchen door and drawer front experts, are making it easier than ever to ensure the heart of the home stays problem-free with an extended product range and a series of easy to follow ‘how to’ guides for DIY installation.

Robert Clark, managing director of Kitchen Door Workshop said, “It’s truly surprising how leaving the little jobs to mount up in a bid to save cash can actually end up costing more in the long run. It’s a lot easier than you may think to replace broken kitchen cupboard doors and snapped handles with DIY replacements. It’s vital to tackle these little jobs as soon as possible to avoid snowballing repair costs and to maintain the value of the home, particularly for those thinking of selling or renting the property in the near future.”

Despite the massive costs being racked up by delayed jobs in homes around the country, some tasks are very easy to do and require little more than forward planning and a modest budget. While fitting a whole new kitchen may be a daunting prospect, using colourful replacement kitchen doors can give a neglected room a whole new lease of life for a minimal cost and effort. Kitchen Door Workshop have an entire website section dedicated to step-by-step videos and simple to follow instructions to make it easy to fit new kitchen doors without professional help. The archive includes fact sheets, diagrams and videos covering everything from accurate measuring of standard cupboards and tricky corner doors to dealing with cornices, replacement dishwasher doors and L shaped corner cupboards.

Going the DIY route boasts significant cost savings – something frugal homeowners are starting to realise. According to the AA report, more and more are slowly turning to DIY with

with 14% admitting trying to carry out works themselves in the last 12 months which they would previously have recruited a tradesperson to do and a further 11% enlisting friends to help for free.

Mr Clark added, “All of our ranges are specifically designed to be fitted by non-professionals. A product such as the Legato in our new metallic blue finish or the award-winning Cambio High Glossgive a designer feel for a low cost and doing the installation yourself reduces the cost of maintenance and repair even further. Our doors start at just £5.50 so it really is possible to keep on top of home improvements for a very modest cost.”

The entire range Kitchen Door Workshop range can be viewed online at https://www.kitchendoorworkshop.co.uk or call 01825 765041 for more information