Are you the sort of person who always wishes they could step outside of the box? Do you long for extra flair and originality, but end up with traditional and boring? If so, you should think about new modern replacement doors for your kitchen and take a chance on an entirely new look.

If your usual style is a little on the dull side, this needn't extend itself into your furnishings. Even the most traditional among us will find it easy to try something new with their kitchen, simply by replacing the doors, handles and worktops. You could go ultra-modern by incorporating colour, texture and new design ideas which you may never have considered before.

Modern Visions Ultragloss Ivory
Modern Visions Ultragloss Ivory kitchen doors

Modern Kitchen Door Colours

Kitchens no longer have to be white or wood. In fact they can be almost any colour you can imagine. From deep russet reds, to greens or blues. Even black can make an appearance in a kitchen. You may not want to put colour throughout the room, but replacing just one or two doors in your kitchen with a bright and bold colour and having the rest white, will create a focal point. This works in much the same way as a feature wall in your bedroom or living room. It catches the eye and adds interest.

Adding a worktop in a contrasting colour and using tiles and flooring to create a colour palette can brighten even the dullest of rooms. You could go for shades of orange for a rustic look, greens for a fresh and relaxed look or yellows for a room which is happy and bound to bring a smile to your face.


Most kitchen doors in recent years have been made from either hardwoods or some sort of composite such as MDF with a veneer. While the manufacture may not have changed too much, the finish certainly has. You can now choose between glossy, shiny, matt, woodgrain, glass or simply painted.

With the methods now used to obtain different finishes, the colour and texture is built into the doors. You never need to paint them and the maintain their looks for many years. You could go for the high gloss look which is very modern and up to date. This reflects light and makes your kitchen look larger and lighter. A wood grain finish is also very modern – especially if you choose a darker wood such as walnut.


Never skimp on the accessories if you are wanting a modern feel to your kitchen. The right handles will really set off the kitchen doors you have chosen. Try out shapes and materials which you may not have considered before. This might mean square knobs, crystal-look handles, larger than average stainless steel bars or even simple magnetic catches with no handles at all.

Kitchen Worktops

The simple act of replacing a worn out worktop is enough to revive even the oldest kitchen, but changing it for an unusual colour or material has to be a better way to catch admiring glances. Worktops can be made from hardwoods, recycled glass, composite materials, granite, stone and veneers.

This range of materials means you can get them in any colour you choose from those which occur in nature such as wood grains and stone to the more unusual glass or composite options with blues, greens and reds.

Creating a kitchen which will turn heads and one which allows you to show your creative side is as easy as just replacing the doors and the worktops. Anyone can do it and for a fraction of the cost of getting an entirely new kitchen. Give it a go, it could be the start of a new you.