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Women can fit kitchen doors too!

November 27th 2012 by .

Whether it is the way we are brought up, the way we are portrayed on TV or just plain old genetics – most of us women believe that we are not as capable as men when it comes to practical tasks like DIY. But when it comes to installing your own replacement kitchen doors, this is an assumption which has gone back to the dark ages where it belongs.

Fitting new kitchen doors is a perfect project for a beginner DIYer to take on and is one of the best ways to hone your tool wielding skills before you do something a little more challenging like re-plumbing the whole house! Not only can you expect to complete a job in just a few hours, you will save yourself plenty of cash and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you completed such a great job without so much as a little help from a man.

Women can fit kitchen doors too

Women can fit kitchen doors too

Although – this is not quite true. Help from a man comes in the form of our kitchen door fitting video guides which will certainly point you in the right direction and will ensure that you do the job right the first time(without even a hint of condescension!). But if you want to claim all the glory for fitting your kitchen, we are happy to help you in that deception!

Fitting new kitchen cabinet doors is an easy job from the initial measuring through to the final hinge adjustment. Just follow these steps for the perfect job every time.

  • You will need to take measurements of your old doors. The best way to do this is to measure the size on the inside of the door. This will ensure that you take into account any edge designs which could interfere with accurate measuring. Mark where the hinges should be (we can pre-drill the hinges for you).
  • Choose the material, design and colour doors and drawer fronts you want and order them online. You may also want to choose new hinges and door handles as well.
  • Once you receive your new doors, you need to remove the old ones. Just use a screwdriver to remove the old hinges, once you have unclipped the doors from them. Some doors do not unclip and will need to be removed with a screwdriver. Of course an electric screwdriver is easiest. It is even possible to buy these which a smaller handgrip and with lower torque to make it easier for women to use.
  • You should attach your new handles before fitting the doors (although it is wise to offer them up first to make sure they all fit). Measure carefully to ensure that they are all placed in same spot. You an even make up a template to give you even more accuracy.
  • Attach your new hinges both to the new doors and to the old carcasses. Clip the new doors in place and use a screwdriver to adjust the hinges up and down or side to side to get each door sitting evenly. You can use a spirit level to make sure this is done accurately.
  • If you are fitting integrated appliances, you will need to keep the clips which attach the door to the appliance. Your appliance may also have come with a template to get the attachment fitting in the correct place.

As you can see, this is a job which can easily be carried out by a woman. Let’s face it, we can lead entire countries, congregations, and boardrooms. We can drive trains and planes and trucks and yet when it comes to a little DIY we shy away. Well not any more. Get out your screwdriver and order your kitchen doors. Then you really have something to gloat about!

Click here to see our video guides on how to measure and fit kitchen doors

How to improve the look of your kitchen for less

November 20th 2012 by .

It isn’t just the government who has had to design an austerity budget – almost every household in the country has had to cut back at least a little in recent years and it looks as thought this is likely to continue for the next few months. So what if you would like to improve your kitchen and you are on a very strict budget? Much like the government – some very difficult choices will need to be made, but the chances are that the final result will still meet all of your expectations and more.

We have made a list of the ways you can improve the look of your kitchen and still fit your kitchen budget. Not only will it be cheap, it will also be easy and fun.

Choose replacement kitchen doors

All too often the fronts of your kitchen cabinets reflect the years of hard work they have been through. But the insides can be perfectly serviceable and they are mostly hidden in any case. So all you need to do is add replacement kitchen doors and reuse the carcasses. This will save you up to half the cost of the carcasses and doors if bought together. You can even reconfigure the layout of your kitchen using the carcasses you have and then add in new ones only where really required.

replacement kitchen doors in gloss white

Replacement kitchen doors in high gloss white finish


Replace handles

In some cases you may find that new handles and a good clean are all your kitchen doors need. Handles can become worn very quickly and all too often they date within a few years. Some modern new handles could really lift the look of your kitchen and will look even better on brand new doors. For just a few pounds each, quality handles can make a huge difference.

Do the work yourself

We all know how much tradesmen can charge. They are well and truly worth it in cases where expert help is needed, but at £150 a day, the cost can soon add up. With replacement kitchen doors you can easily do the DIY work yourself and even if you do get a tradesman, it will be cheaper because there will be significantly less work to be done. We estimate that an average sized kitchen can have all the doors replaced inside of a weekend. This will include adding new handles and hinges.

Re-grout floors and walls

Removing and replacing tiles is not only a tricky job, it is messy and can be expensive. Unless you are a master tiler, you are likely to need an expert and that can cost a fortune. However with an investment in a small grout removing tool, you can remove the old grout and replace it with new clean grout. You could even opt for a coloured grout for an interesting new look. Unless your tiles are from the 1970’s, the chances are that all they need is new grout and good clean.

Re-accessorise your cupboards

As you have chosen to avoid buying new carcasses for your kitchen, you may want to consider making the insides of your current cabinets cleaner and brighter by adding accessories. These might include a melamine or vinyl surface which can be laid on the exist shelving. This would be wipe-able and give a new clean look. You can also add baskets to open shelving and glass shelves for any cabinets where glass fronted doors are being used. Other accessories could include moulded plastic cutlery trays and drawer organisers.

Just using one of these tips could add years to your existing kitchen, but by using all five you will have a kitchen which will be unrecognisable and will be much cheaper than anyone else will ever guess. Don’t stress about what you can’t do due to the recession, just focus on what is achievable and replacement kitchen doors definitely fit that category.

How to cook up a new look kitchen in time for Christmas

November 8th 2012 by .

Yes, Christmas is coming and it is much closer than you might think. With just a few weeks to go, the chances are that you are already making plans regarding who will be doing the cooking, how many people you need to cater for and whether the turkey will fit in the oven. If your kitchen has seen better days, the thought of cooking up a storm might not be quite as appealing as other years.

If you start now, there is still time to get your kitchen sorted out and made over before the festive season begins. In fact you can replace your kitchen doors in just a day or two and if you wanted to take things further, a new worktop could really improve the way your kitchen looks and works. Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself and justify it by thinking about that lovely Christmas dinner you will cook for your family. They will certainly appreciate it.

What changes should I make?

If you want your kitchen to be Christmas-ready you should think about how practical it is for cooking on a larger than normal scale. This might mean finding a way to add new work space or clearing the existing worktops. Adding a cupboard or two will make it much easier to hide all of those annoying items which are often left on the work surface.

You could also add extra bling by incorporating new kitchen doors with a new under-counter lighting scheme. If you opt for light colours with a reflective surface you will give the impression that your kitchen is both larger and brighter.

Think about ways you could add an eating area to your kitchen. This would allow you to be in the kitchen on the big day without having to leave the party. Even a small breakfast bar could double as a drinks and nibbles area allowing at least a few people to join you in the kitchen while the turkey is basted.

So what do I need to do?

You certainly have enough time to make good choices about what you want in your kitchen. Start now by looking online at the possible door ranges you could go for. Look at magazines to get inspired and then order the perfect doors for you. This is easy to do and simply requires a little measuring to ensure you get the right sizes. Look at our video on how to do this before you place the order.

Choose new worktops, if required and don’t forget to add in new snazzy door handles and new door hardware such as hinges and other accessories.

Your doors will be delivered in no time and then you can start the make-over process. This will involve removing your old doors and putting on the new ones. This can be achieved with an electric drill or a screwdriver and a level to ensure each one is straight. You can adjust the hinges to get them perfectly level.

If you are putting on a new worktop you will need to make sure this is correctly cut to size. Sometimes people find this is easier for a tradesman to do.

What will the final result be?

Your kitchen will look like it is brand new and only you will know that the insides of your cupboards are still the same. If you take the time to declutter the space and clean every surface, your kitchen will sparkle, ready for its moment in the spotlight on the 25th of December.

Add a few tealight candles in the window, a string or two of fairy lights and pour yourself a glass of champagne. Every good cook deserves to great space to work in and a glass of bubbly to help them along!

Five things to consider when replacing your kitchen doors

November 6th 2012 by .

Deciding to update your kitchen is often something which is left out of our hands, making it an easy decision to make. The kitchen becomes worn out, unfashionable or not to your taste and therefore needs to be changed. However making the choice to simply replace the kitchen doors rather than the entire kitchen requires a little more thought. You will have to think things through before you place your order.

Can I afford it?

Thankfully replacing kitchen doors is a much cheaper option than replacing an entire kitchen. You have the option of installing the doors yourself, saving on the cost of of tradesman and you can choose doors which are entirely within your budget. There are a huge range of replacement doors to suit all budgets and they start at around £30 each. Knowing this will make it much easier to decide if your budget will stretch to new doors or if you may even be able to afford to replace the worktops or carcasses where needed.

Can I do it myself?

Measuring, ordering and replacing your kitchen doors is a very simple process which most people can do themselves. However if you are worried about doing the work yourself, you may need to factor in the cost of getting a tradesman in to do the work for you. This will inevitably bump up the cost of the work, but will give you peace of mind. However if this thought puts you off, do take advantage of the videos on our website which show you exactly how to measure and fit our doors. You may find that it is easier than you thought.

Are the doors good quality?

You may think that because the doors are cheaper than elsewhere and you cannot see them in the flesh, that you may be ordering doors which are of a lower quality than those sold elsewhere. This is not the case. For your own information it is wise to get a sample sent to you so you can see the construction and the materials. You will soon see that replacement door companies are able to offer an excellent product at a cheap price. This is because their overheads are lower and they do not have expensive staff and showrooms.

Is my kitchen suitable?

You will need to carefully inspect your kitchen cabinets to see if they are still suitable for replacement kitchen doors. It is true that some carcasses may be in poor condition and therefore should be replaced before new doors are added. You will get a poor result if you don’t take this step. That being said, most carcasses are in good shape if you kitchen is less than 10-15 years old. You may find that the insides could do with some paint or maybe new shelves, but it is the doors which get the most abuse during their lifetime while carcasses last well.

Should I replace anything else?

While you are in the process of replacing your kitchen doors you should look at the other parts of your kitchen which may be in need of a spruce-up. Consider whether the worktops, handles, flooring or tiling needs to be updated while you are replacing the doors. The Kitchen Door Workshop offers worktops, handles and other accessories which you can order all in one go. This makes it more convenient than deciding at a later date that you might want to replace these items. Once the new doors are in place you may find everything else looks a little shabby.

Once all of these things have been considered you are in a position to place your order in the confidence that you are dealing with a reputable company and have made an informed choice.

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