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Shaker Kitchen Doors: a Simple and Timeless Style

January 29th 2013 by .

If you are looking around for a style of kitchen which will meet the requirements of being sturdy and of high quality while still offering a certain simplicity, the Shaker style is certainly worth looking at. Not only does it follow the tradition of handmade artisan quality, it is stylish and a look which can either be traditional or modern. In particular you could use replacement kitchen doors from one of our Shaker styles to improve your kitchen and at much less than the cost of a handmade kitchen.

Travelling from England to America in the 18th century, the Shakers were a protestant sect originally called the Shaking Quakers because of their unique dancing style. Despite this obvious exuberance, their design style was much more reticent. Once established in America, the Shakers soon learned that their members needed a trade and often that was furniture making.


Shaker Odessa Oak Bedroom Doors

Shaker Odessa Oak Bedroom Doors

The Shaker religious beliefs meant that they craved purity, cleanliness and order. In fact they remained celibate throughout their lives and new members were recruited rather than being born into the religion. This purity was reflected in the furniture which was function over form and rejected materialism and decoration. It was this simplicity which made it so popular and it was soon being sold across the United States. The Shakers can also be credited with the invention of a number of time saving gadgets such as the clothes pin and automatic washing machine!

Above all, the Shakers wanted perfection in everything they built, a quality which is carried over into the work of kitchen renovators the world over. Here at Kitchen Door Workshop we believe that our Shaker style kitchen doors reflect this ideal perfectly.

Our Shaker style doors are shown by the basic shape of the Washington and Kingston doors from the Trends style range and by the more elaborate but still simple Fairlight with its grooves and inset panel. In between we have the less elaborate but nonetheless still interesting Mayfield and Arlington styles.

Shaker Kitchen Doors in Lissa Oak

Shaker Kitchen Doors in Lissa Oak

Shaker doors are characterised by sturdy looking panels top, bottom, left and right which house a plain centre panel. Sometimes extra detailing is added by the inclusion of a vertical line or groove to indicate where the outer frames meet. These grooves can be chamfered to add a slight shading effect or left plain.

Shaker doors can be both modern and traditional. The plainer the door frontage, the more likely you can get away with contemporary colours. Certainly, the Shakers themselves would not have seen the need for bright colours in the kitchen and would even have preferred to keep their kitchen cabinets free of paint. However, Shaker doors lend themselves to a great colour scheme.

Another way to make your Shaker doors more contemporary is to add a worktop which is either high gloss or made of a composite material with colour added. Try bright worktops in blue or green for a thoroughly unique and interesting look.

If you prefer to go down the traditional route you can choose a style similar to the Fairlight and indulge yourself with a little more of a unique style. This works well with a wood finish such as oak or beech. When teamed with a solid wood worktop, you will have a traditional kitchen which will stand the test of time. After all the Shaker style has been popular for 300 years.

So you can see that the Shaker style is not just for American kitchens. It is perfect for you and can be easily achieved by just replacing your kitchen doors with one of our many Shaker options. Now comes the hard bit – choosing which style is best for you.

How to create a simple stylish kitchen with Visions kitchen doors

January 22nd 2013 by .

Nothing epitomises style and a modern edge more than a high gloss finish on your kitchen doors and it is easy to get that contemporary look by simply replacing your old kitchen doors with some from our Visions range. With a variety of modern colours and a simple plain fronted look, the Visions doors are style personified and will have your friends green with envy.

One of the best things about replacement kitchen doors is the fact that you can completely change the style of your kitchen in just a few hours. In fact you can go from a traditional style to one which is super-modern by taking advantage of some of the new colours and materials now available. Visions doors offer you the chance to experiment and get a whole new look which you can then carry over into other parts of your home. And you can do it at a very reasonable price.


Ultragloss finish

Visions doors use a high gloss finish to give you a highly reflective sheen which looks great in any modern kitchen. Gloss is well known for being the perfect way to add light and shine to a kitchen. It is perfect for rooms which do not get much natural light and will give off reflective shine even when you choose one of the darker colours which it is available in.


Visions kitchen doors in Ultragloss Crem

Visions kitchen doors in Ultragloss Crem


Your kitchen will also be completed by the addition of a gloss worktop in a contrasting or even the same colour. White worktops work particularly well with white Visions doors as this gives the room a glow which would be hard to achieve with any other worktop colour.

But it isn’t just the gloss finish which sets these doors apart.


Plain styling

Visions doors are also simple and elegant. With a number of edge options, you can choose to have them plain front or with a slight chamfer. In any case, they look best with a very plain handle as the intention is to create something which is stylish and individual without being fussy.

This plain style gives you something to build upon in your kitchen. It allows the doors to speak for themselves without overwhelming the room. You can dress the room up or down with your accessories and allow the doors to simply form part of the background.

Plainer design doors also show off the wonderful colours in a more dramatic way. You can choose black, white, cream or something a little more bold such as Tiepolo.

Visions kitchen doors in Ultragloss Tiepolo

Visions kitchen doors in Ultragloss Tiepolo


Edging options

Visions doors may be simple but they do offer a selection of different edges which can create slight variations for your kitchen. It could mean that you are creating shadows either to the upper and lower edges or the sides of your cabinets. This is the perfect way to add interest without needing to have an inherent design or structure to the door.

Visions Glass Effect Edge

Visions Glass Effect Edge

Visions - Matching Edge

Visions – Matching Edge


Mix and match

Visions replacement doors lend themselves perfectly to the idea of mixing and matching door colours. You could have the stark contrast of black and white or a mix of high gloss wood grain with a smooth cream finish.

Mixing colours is one of the kitchen design trends which is currently the height of fashion. It seems that every designer kitchen magazine has a range of colours used to highlight different parts of the kitchen. This modern look is easy to achieve with Visions doors as they all work well together.

So if you are looking to bring your kitchen into the 21st century and beyond, you should consider Visions doors with their ultra-gloss finish, colours of distinction and their superior design edge. There is very little doubt that you will not be disappointed.




Handleless Kitchen Doors – Much more than meets the eye

January 15th 2013 by .

If a life free from clutter with clean lines and a minimalist feel is your idea of heaven, you may also want to consider replacement handleless kitchen doors for your kitchen makeover. While you may feel that a kitchen without handles is boring and without interest, it could actually be a way to create a kitchen which allows you to express yourself in ways you may never have thought.

Ringmer Handleless Kitchen Doors - shown here in High Gloss White

Ringmer Handleless Kitchen Doors – shown here in High Gloss White

The Petworth and Ringmer doors from our Trends range are two examples of handleless doors which meet all the guidelines of minimalist design. They include hidden grooves to allow you to open them, but otherwise the look is sleek and smooth with nothing to detract from the doors themselves. However if the minimal look worries you slightly, take a look at these great reasons for trying out the handleless look for your replacement kitchen doors.

Petworth Handleless Kitchen Doors - Shown in High Gloss Cream

Petworth Handleless Doors – Shown in High Gloss Cream 

  • The smooth and uncluttered look is very modern and fits in with all the current fashion trends. Minimalist has been around for a number of years, but has once again hit new heights. If you want to keep up with the trends, you should try handleless options.
  • You can take advantage of high gloss finishes on your handleless doors and get the full benefit of the highly reflective shine without a handle breaking the smooth look. Handleless doors look especially good in cream and white and will create a clean and fresh look in your kitchen.
  • You will actually save money on your purchase by choosing handleless doors. Handles can range in price from as little as a pound all the way up to £10 or more. Clearly you could be spending a substantial amount on handles for a larger kitchen with plenty of cupboards and drawer fronts. Choosing handleless replacement kitchen doors will allow you to use the extra savings on higher quality doors.
  • If you are installing your doors yourself, you may be nervous about positioning the door handles in the correct place on each door. Just one handle out of place could ruin your door and your entire kitchen. Handleless doors remove this as a problem and will give you extra peace of mind.
  • A kitchen with handleless replacement kitchen doors will take less time to fit as the handles will not need to be added. This will also save you money if you are hiring a tradesman to do the work for you.
  • Handleless doors will allow you to be more creative with the rest of your kitchen. Often the type of handle you choose will reflect the style you want to go for. They can be traditional or modern, but they will add to the design feeling you are trying to create. You will then be stuck with this idea. When you dispense with handles, you are able to change the mood of the room by changing your accessories and your doors will always fit that new look.
  • Doors which do not have handles are easier to clean and maintain. Handles will often show wear and tear more quickly than the doors themselves. They can then be difficult to replace as the replacement will need to exactly match the size of the previous handles. With handleless doors this type of maintenance is not required. It is also easier to keep your doors looking great as cleaning is more straightforward.


As you can see there are plenty of reasons why handleless doors are a worthwhile investment as replacements for your current doors. Not only will you get a look which is modern and following the current trends, it is also incredibly practical and could even work out cheaper. Who could ask for more?

How replacement kitchen doors can add a lot of value to your home

January 8th 2013 by .

If you are hoping to sell your home over the next few months, you may wish that you could improve the way that it looks with a view towards improving the overall value. The fact is that there are fewer buyers these days and they are much less likely to pay the asking price. In fact, now is the time for buyers to make cheeky offers, so you need to present your home in the best possible light to get the price it deserves.



Replacement kitchen doors can be fitted in just a couple of days and you can do it yourself. A tradesman could cost you hundreds of pounds and that investment may not get the return you might expect in today’s difficult market.

Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to improve the look of your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms and it won’t cost you a fortune. Follow the ideas below to make changes in many of the rooms of your home which will freshen it up, make it look like it has had a full makeover and which will cost you much less than you might think.


The kitchen

Replacement kitchen doors can be purchased for the kitchen from around £30 per door. Add to that some new handles and even a new worktop and you will have what looks like a new kitchen in no time.

In most cases, the carcasses from your old kitchen will be in good enough condition to leave where they are. This will save you money and time – something which you will need plenty of if you are moving house.

Dress the kitchen with a few stainless steel accessories and other items which you will be able to take with you to your new home. Finally a good clean (especially of the appliances) and a fresh coat of paint and the kitchen will be unrecognisable.


The bathroom

Storage in a bathroom is a real bonus when you are house-hunting. Many bathrooms are small and finding enough places to store towels and toiletries can be tricky. However if you do have cupboard space in your bathroom or you would like to add some, replacement kitchen doors could be ideal.

Many replacement cabinet doors will work well in a bathroom and the sizes can be adjusted to fit any size cupboard – even if it isn’t a standard shape. This will include under sink cupboards and wall cupboards. If you go with a white gloss, you will freshen up the room and add a modern touch.

If you want to add a new cupboard to the room, you can buy carcasses which will do the job in a variety of shapes and sizes. Then simply choose the right doors and handles and you could have a new looking bathroom for less than a few hundred pounds.


The bedroom

You will be surprised to hear that you can also buy replacement wardrobe doors suitable for all the bedrooms in your house. You can reuse the tracks or hinges and get a new and modern look which will wow your potential purchasers. Whether you decide to go for a mirrored finish to bounce the light around or a soft wooden traditional look, replacement wardrobe doors will improve your bedrooms and increase the value of your home.

You may have thought that you would have to put your home on the market and just accept whatever price you were offered. But you could improve your home to the point where buyers are fighting over it and your wildest dreams in terms of value could be realised. The investment you will need to make will be tiny compared to the extra money you could be putting in your bank and towards your next dream home.

Kitchen Door Workshop Launches TV ad Campaign

January 6th 2013 by .

As part of its ambitious expansion plans for 2013, Kitchen Door Workshop has just embarked on an TV advertising campaign featuring its new Trends and Visions kitchen doors.

Using the dedicated URL , viewers of the TV advert are directed to the new Kitchen Door Workshop website which features the companies new products which have been specially developed for trade and DIY customers wishing to replace their kitchen doors.

Managing Director, Robert Clark said “We felt that TV was the ideal medium to promote our new Trends and Visions ranges of doors, as enables us to reach customers in their own homes. Customers who may otherwise not have thought about replacing their kitchen doors, or even realised that replacement kitchen doors were an option for them”


Ringmer Handleless Kitchen Doors in High Gloss White from the Trends Range

Ringmer Handleless Kitchen Doors in High Gloss White from the Trends Range


Each of the new TV adverts features, not only the companies range of kitchen doors, but also promotes the vast selection of helpful Video Guides which takes customers step by step through the whole process, from measuring to fitting their new doors.

Prices for the Trends and Visions ranges of doors start at just £4.29, and both ranges are part of the companies new Express Dispatch Service which enables customers to have doors in standard and made to measure sizes dispatched in just 7 days.

“The new TV advertising campaign heralds an exciting step forward for Kitchen Door Workshop and we look forward to expanding our customer base across the UK and Ireland”


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