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Inexpensive Trendy Kitchen Décor Ideas

February 26th 2014 by .

Spring is almost upon us, and what better than to give your home a treat to celebrate the glorious sunshine that’s hopefully going to be streaming in. You may have the most tech savvy, minimalist, impressive home already, however unless you have unlimited funds making your kitchen space as breathtaking as the rest of your home, then you need our help. Hopefully these simple additions will transform your kitchen into an inviting space rather than looking very utility and functional as most do. Obviously all of our ideas are budget and space permitting but be creative even if the space you’re working with is bijoux! You could even print this list off and tick each point off, as the funds are available, make this post a gradual project. If you’d like to share any of your results with us, we’d love to hear about them so comment below.

lewes silk white budget kitchen door Make the room relevant to your situation so if you have a large family think about what would benefit you all, or encourage you to spend more time in this room. Before rushing off to your nearest DIY shop, sitting in the room and writing down a few ideas is invaluable and will save you wasting money on items that won’t make any difference.

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Unusual Kitchen Tips

February 20th 2014 by .

Every family has their own set of unusual remedies, tips and tricks for cleaning, budgeting or special methods of preparing food in their new kitchen full of replacement doors. However, in case you’re lacking in the kitchen wives tales department, fear not. We dug deep and asked around for some bizarre ideas that involve culinary items. We’d love to hear your advice or if you disagree with any of ours, then let us know!

silk white handless kitchen door

To kick off is a godsend for cleaning the oven, which is everyone’s worst chore, in our opinion. A cheap and cheerful pumice stone is the answer to your prayers for this gruelling task. We know the pumice isn’t a kitchen item but hey, its household. So, a wet pumice stone removes the grease and grime from your oven without the strenuous scrubbing of a wire brush or cloth. You can thank us later.

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5 common replacement kitchen door mistakes

February 18th 2014 by .

In the vast majority of cases, people who buy their kitchen doors from us are delighted with the results. They get a great looking kitchen, it is much cheaper than replacing the entire kitchen, they are able to to do the work themselves and it all comes together without any fuss or bother.

A lovely kitchen is possible if you following all of our special guides

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Choosing a kitchen door company you trust

February 16th 2014 by .

Here at Kitchen Door Workshop we totally understand that you have a few manufacturers and suppliers to choose from. As careful consumers you will have done your research, looked at websites and compared us with the many other companies available. So when you do choose us, we feel very privileged and we know that our hard work really does pay off – we have proved ourselves to be the best suppliers of replacement kitchen doors you could find.

Your replacement kitchen should be carefully chosen – just like this one

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Summer Holiday Kitchen Door Style

February 15th 2014 by .

For many of us, the reason we go on holiday and rent a cottage or stay in a villa is because it offers us a taste of something we don’t already have at home. That might be a swimming pool, lovely sunny weather, great restaurants or a fantastic kitchen with cool kitchen doors. We have all experienced that “wow” factor when we enter our holiday base and said “I wish my kitchen at home was like this” and you know what? It can be.

A vanilla kitchen will really remind you of lazy Summer holidays

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