The most common mistakes people make when replacing their kitchen doors

Forgetting To Order All The Doors You Need

The most common mistake people make is forgetting to order all the doors they need. This error is usually made by not making a plan and/or not double checking that all of the doors are on that plan.

Double Check All Your Measurements

Double Check All Your Measurements

Another easily avoided mistake that people make is that they only measure their doors once. Measure the doors twice and make sure that the measurements are the same on your plan.

It’s also worth making sure that hinge hole positions are measured on every single door, do not to assume that the first doors hinge hole positions that you measure are going to apply to every door on the kitchen.

As the old carpenters saying goes "Measure Twice - Cut Once"

Its Cheaper To Use Standard Size Doors

You may find a standard size door is within one or two millimetres within the sizes that you require. Using standard size doors where possible is a cheaper option than ordering made to measure ones. Though you must decide which is the best option for you.

Replace Your Worn Out Hinges, Drawers and Handles

Replace Your Worn Out Hinges, Drawers and Handles

It is important to think about replacing your hinges and your drawer boxes if they are nearing the end of their life, as it will be easier to do this now rather than later on. Replacement hinges won't add a great deal to the cost of your replacement door project, but they will ensure that your new doors work as well as they look.

Door Handle Position Drilling Jig

It’s also worth considering replacing the handles. This will make your new doors look even better and add a lot of value to the completed job. When fitting the handles always remember to drill from the front to back. It may be a good idea to purchase a handle position drilling jig which will show you how to position the handles accurately on all your doors. Please see our guide on how to fit new handles.

Tip - Get Colour Swatches Before Ordering

Tip - Get Colour Swatches Before Ordering

There is no better way, when choosing the colour of your replacement doors, than by seeing an actual piece of the door finish before you place your order. You can order FREE colour samples by clicking here. As our swatches are pieces of the surface of our doors you can see exactly what the colour is going to look like in your home.

Check Your Order On Delivery And Remove All The Protective Packaging

Although damage in transit is rare, we strongly suggest that you check your order as soon as possible after it has been delivered. Remove all protective packaging and make sure nothing is missing or damaged. Do not leave checking your order until installation.

If you have ordered a door style with a High Gloss finish these are supplied with a protective clear plastic film over the surface of the door which can slightly alter the appearance of the door when you first look at it. Remove the protective film to see the exact colour underneath. Remember to replace any film to protect the surface finish while the door is being installed.

In the unlikely event you find anything damaged, please email us within two days, attaching a digital picture of the affected item.

Tip - Don’t Book Your Fitter Until You’ve Received And Checked Your Order

We strongly suggest that if you are hiring professional fitters to replace your doors that you don’t book them until you have received everything on your order and checked it.