How to measure sloping doors

Sloping Doors - Easier To Order Than You Might Think

For the purpose of obtaining a quotation, all we need to know about sloping door is the maximum height, the maximum width and if there are going to be any glass panels fitted into the door.

We don’t need to know about angles, how many slopes or how the slope works at this stage, just the maximum height and width.

We have a section of our quote form specifically for sloping doors - so you can enter your sizes online.

Sloping Door Order Form

Once you once you have placed your order with Kitchen Door Workshop and we will send you a sloping door order form which will tell you the other measurements that we need.

Sloping Door Order Form

No Need To Worry About Angles!

Obtaining a sloping door is very straight forward, you don’t need to worry about calculating angles, you don’t need to send us any CAD drawings or anything like that, we will tell you what we need to know. Our suppliers will calculate the angles and work it how the door will be manufactured for you. All we need you to do is just complete the relevant boxes on the form with the various dimensions and we’ll work out everything else for you.