How to fit soft close drawer boxes

How To Choose The Right Size Drawer Box

How To Choose The Right Size Drawer Box

Customers often ask us "how do I know which height of drawer box to use with my drawer fronts". In simple terms drawer boxes come in two versions. A 90mm high drawer or a pan drawer which has a 90mm high drawer box with a high back and rails which attach the drawer back to the drawer front .Kitchen Door Workshop would recommend using the pan drawer boxes where your drawer front is 283mm high or above

Position The Drawer Runners

Position The Drawer Runners

To help decide where you are going to fit the drawer box and drawer runners, mark the position of the top and bottom of the drawer front on the front edge of the cabinet. The drawer runner needs to be mounted higher up the cabinet than the bottom of the drawer front.

On the drawer runner itself you will see that there are rows of fixing holes. Having decided how far above the bottom of the drawer front the drawer runner is going to sit, draw a pencil line on the front of the unit to show the centre line of those holes. Using a spirit level extend this line from the front to the back of the cabinet. Then draw a vertical line 37mm back from the front of the cabinet - this is where the 3rd hole back on the drawer runner will align.

Now you are ready to mark the drill holes. Offer the runners up so that the third hole is at the intersection of the two lines that you have drawn. Now mark two holes for the front fixing plate, and two holes for the rear fixing plate. You can use any of the hole positions, just ensure that each runner should has four fixings.

Pre drill the fixing screw pilot holes with a 5mm dia drill bit

Tip - Protect Drawer Runners From Dust When Drilling

When fitting drawer runners, take care to protect them from dust caused by drilling as this clogs up the soft close mechanism.

Tip - Drilling Pilot Holes

To help ensure that you always drill pilot holes the correct depth, simply hold the screws you plan to use, against your drill bit and mark the length of the hole required, using a piece of making tape.

Tip - Work Safely

When using a power drill always make sure that you wear eye protection plus any other safety equipment that maybe necessary.

Fix The Runners Into Position

Fix The Runners Into Position

You are now ready to fix the runners into position with the Euroscrews provided.

I really like these drawer runners as they have so many fixing holes so, if one of the holes happens to be in a place where you don’t want it or is going to cause you a problem then you can use one of the other holes instead.

Fitting The Drawer Box Onto The Runners

Fitting The Drawer Box Onto The Runners

To fit the drawer box simply lift it on to the runners and offer it back until you hear it click into position. There are two little hooks located on the back of the runners and it’s important to make sure that the back of the drawer box has properly located into these.

Attach The Drawer Front Fixing Plates

Next - attach the two metal lugs to the back of the drawer front. There are two methods for doing this firstly; in the instructions which are supplied with the drawers it shows you how to do it by measurement.

Alternatively you can purchase a Jig for marking where the fixing screw pilot holes need to be in the drawer front. This is an excellent tool, saving you lots of time, just mount the jig on to the drawer box. The other nice thing about this jig is that there are two little plastic ledges or lips that you sit the drawer front onto, which are adjustable so you can get the drawer front positioned more easily.

On the front of the jig there are two little metal spikes, so once the drawer front is aligned simply hit the drawer front on both sides and it will mark the back of the drawer front with the positions of the holes for the fixing bracket.

Pre drill the fixing bracket fixing screw pilot holes with a 5mm dia drill.

Fix the two brackets onto the drawer front using Euroscrews provided.

Attach The Drawer Front

Attach The Drawer Front

Before you can fit the drawer front you will need to remove the jig that we used for marking the drill holes.

To attach rawer front onto the drawer box, simply offer the drawer front up to the drawer box supporting it from underneath and push firmly into place - you will here a ‘click’ when it locates.

Removing The Drawer Front

If you want to remove the drawer front, look from the top of the drawer box where the adjustment screws are, you will see there is a little blue lever which you should push towards the back of the unit. Start with the right hand side of the drawer first , the then the left hand side.

Adjusting The Drawer Front

You will see at the top of the drawer side there are two adjustment screws. One which moves the drawer front from side to side and one which moves the drawer front up and down.

Fitting Drawer Boxes Into New Cabinets

Fitting drawer boxes into existing cabinets is the same as fitting drawer boxes into new cabinets. We often get asked why when you buy new cabinets from Kitchen Door Workshop are they not predrilled for the drawer runners. This is because there are so many different combinations, two drawer, three drawer or four drawer, a drawer above a door. Whether they are the plywood drawer boxes or they are soft close drawer boxes.

With this in mind what we supply a general purpose cabinet which you can then adapt to suit your own combination of drawer fronts. It takes just a few moments and gives you a very good result.