How to replace L shape corner cupboard doors

There are various types of corner units; those where one half of the unit is hidden behind another unit which is called a lost corner unit and ‘L’ shape corner wall units. ’L’ shape corner units have two doors, and when both doors are opened the whole of the cabinet interior is revealed. There are various ways that the doors can fit on this type of unit and here are some options to consider

Using A Corner Post

The most common way of fitting doors to this kind of unit is when there are two individual doors. You open one door, then open the other. These are usually spaced apart with a corner post which may be attached to one of the doors. If you want retain this set up, please bear in mind when measuring that Kitchen Door Workshop can supply corner posts which are available in two sizes. Corner posts are measured from the back and are 30mm by 30mm or 40mm by 40mm. So, if your existing corner post is that size and the height is 720mm then you can just replace it with an matching corner post and leave the doors the size that they are. If the corner post that you currently have is a different size, then you can make your own corner post from pieces of off-cut of plinth which you join together. If you prefer not to do this, then there you way want to consider removing the corner post completely and joining the two doors with ‘L’ Shape corner unit hinges.

Using A ‘Piano’ Type Hinge

The second type of corner door arrangement is where the doors are joined together with a traditional ‘piano’ type hinge. If you want to replicate this type of hinge fixing, you may like to consider having the edges of the doors that have the piano hinge screwed to made with a square edge rather than with a profiled edge. This is a ‘no cost option’ i.e. there’s no additional charge for doing this. When ordering square edge doors, please specify which side of each door is to be made with a square edge.

Using Two Doors Hinged Together

The third option with ‘L’ shape corner units is to have the two doors hinged together so that they open together at the same time. For many people this is a lot more convenient, and less cumbersome option than opening one door then the other. The way that this option works is that one door is attached to the cabinet with 165 degree hinges and the second door is fixed to the first door with an L shape corner unit hinge.

165 Degree Hinge L Shape Corner Unit Hinge

The L shape corner unit hinge backplate attaches to the adjacent door in the same way as it would attach to a cabinet, in that the fixing holes are 37mm back from the edge of the door. Please refer to our How To Fit Hinges guide for further information

How To Calculate The Two Door Sizes

Begin by measuring from the face of the cabinet to the outer edge of the cabinet (the size of the opening, plus thickness of the cabinet side panel). From this measurement deduct 20mm. This is the width of the door required.

As an example, if the measurement is 340mm we would deduct 20mm and order a door 320mm wide.

Don’t assume that both sides of the cabinet are the same size. Measure both sides individually.